Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions Answers
Who can join the ORD Airport Watch? Applicants must be over 18 and pass a background check.
Does it cost anything to be a member? There is a one time fee that covers the initial background check and ID. There is a annual fee to remain a member in good standing and renew your ID. Airport Watch apparel is available at additional costs.
Where can I signup? Applications are available at the Bensenville Police Department.
Who should I contact if I observe something suspicious? Use the information provided on your ID. In case of emergency call 9-1-1.
Do I need to carry my identification whenever I am plane spotting/ photographing? Yes, Whenever you are out in the area of O'hare you should have your ID and be wearing your vest if you own one.
Are there required meetings? There are board and members meetings approximately once a month. Members are not required to attend, but it is a place to discuss the upcoming events and hear from different speakers.
Where can I spot? We have a map of common and approved spotting locations, but as always if you are out spotting and asked to move, be courteous, obey the instruction and report back to the group.
How do I log/report my time spotting? We gather statistics on members activities around the airport. Fill Out The Form